Monday, Monday

Happy Monday, everyone.

Unfortunately I don’t have anything really interesting to tell you, but guess what! You get to hear about my weekend.

Friday, after “classes” I went out to lunch with Mariah and Nigel to the new Cracker Barrel that just opened up in College Station. It was tasty, but the service was absolutely terrible. Afterwards, we went to our apartment to hang out and around 5 I decided I wasn’t going to make it home until Saturday. We went and played pool after a couple friends of our’s got there. Then we went over to Nigel’s house and played crazy eights for points. It was awesome. I didn’t lose. I got all of my points within the last 2 rounds. Terrible.

Saturday I met my parents at church and afterwards we went on down to Seadrift. After a couple hours there, we went back to Victoria for the night.

Sunday I woke up ridiculously early and then went back to sleep for several more hours. Then, I took the World’s Coldest Shower. Ridiculous. My uncle doesn’t believe in a water heater, obviously. Then we went to Seadrift for several more hours. I made some awesome hamburgers, we ate, then sat around watching tv for a few more hours. Finally, when everyone got tired, we went back to Victoria and crashed.

So here I am, telling all of you this, and I’m still in Victoria. What fun with the rest of Spring Break have? Who knows.


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