On Being Sick

It sucks, but I’m about 24 hours away from Spring Break 2010. Whoop!

I already have my whole week planned out. The first weekend I’ll be visiting my Nanny, then during the week I’ll be at the beach with friends at Bella, and then the next weekend I’ll be visiting my boyfriend in Beaumont. I’m really excited about it.

I’m struggling a lot this semester, and I’m really looking forward to a nice break and hopefully time to recover from my epic fails from the first part of the semester. Grades are starting to look up (except for mol gene), but I’m worried that my parents are going to blame in on my boyfriend instead of placing the proper blame on my ridiculous course load this semester. I don’t even have time to work, which is really, really stretching my budgeting options. It’s really hard to budget when you literally have no money to work with.

This week and last week were both crazy hectic. I still need to write my paper, but I’ll probably do that tonight or perhaps Friday since I don’t plan on attending class.

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you don’t feel as miserable as I do.


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