About Scheduled Posting

The past 2 weeks I’ve been doing my ToT questions on Monday and scheduling them to post. Then, I find myself wanting to blog on Tuesday. It takes all the self control I have not to blog twice in one day. So obviously scheduling my posts are what keeps me motivated. It’s exciting knowing that March 31st I’ll be done with my goal.

Things I have to do today:

My biochemistry pathways sheet
My biochemistry lab paper
Studying for both biochemistry and molecular genetics
Koch’s Postulates questions for microbiology lab

This will not be a fun day.

Tonight, however, will be fun. I have RUF at 7/8 and then afterwards we’re watching our Not a Date videos (Ryan’s, Christine’s, and mine is AWESOME), and then I’m going to go see Dear John at like 10:05. Woohoo.

So what keeps you motivated?


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