ToT – I Wish it was Spring Break

1. Of your current hobbies, which would you choose to spend more time, money, and effort on? Why?
I don’t really have any hobbies. Shooting?? I’d like to buy a gun.
2. List the two other hobbies/habitual activities (not chores) besides the one listed above that you regularly do now and didn’t choose in question one.
Grar. Reading? Um…  I don’t do anything else!
3. Why are you spending time on the above two hobbies/habitual activies at all if you really wanted to spend your time on the first one you chose?  …or to put it another way, what are these two hobbies/habitual activities fulfilling that the first one doesn’t if you don’t want to put all your effort into the first hobby?
Reading helps me get my homework done.
4. Read John 3:16 in the bible… In what way does this passage affect you?  What are your feelings towards these words, positively or negatively?
It’s the Bible in a nut shell, as Mr. Baacke would say. I love this verse. It cannot be overquoted.
5. M&M’s: nuts, no nuts, or peanut butter?
peanut butter!
6. Putting away the feeling of pride being a bad thing; what secretly/openly are you proud about yourself?
That I’m awesome. Kidding… Probably that I’ll be done with college at the age of 20.
7. Given one room in the house to do with what you want, not changing the actual size of the room and with all the money you would need, what would you do, and be specific?  (this can range from bouncy floor,walls & ceilings; to hard wood floor with wood paneling and purple ceiling with a chair; to nothing)
I would change my bathroom into a very clean bathroom.
8. What’s the next movie you’re going to see?  Not what you’d LIKE to GO see, but the next movie you realistically are going to watch.
Dear John!
9. Use the keyboard only and make your best smiley/funny/cool face –> like this! 8^)
@.@ = dizzy man.
10. What makes you cry? What makes you pray? What makes you laugh?
Sad things make me cry; people leaving makes me cry. Crying makes me pray; boredom makes me pray; thankfulness makes me pray; worrying makes me pray. People make me laugh; funny things make me laugh.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I like your #7!!!! Me too! (Only can we just change “bathroom” to “entire house”???)


  2. Wow you should be proud of finishing college so early!


  3. yay for finishing college early. I graduated at 21, I was excited about that. I dont see how people can take 8 years and only on a bachelor’s degree


  4. Haha, I love your for #7! I would wish that for every room in my house 🙂


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