7 Quick Takes

Happy Friday, everyone! Tomorrow is my grandmother’s 80th birthday, so I thought I’d share 7 random thoughts about her instead of my usual 7.

  1. She was born in Gainsville, TX in 1930. About 10 miles away from where my grandpa was born just a month before.
  2. She teaches ESL at the library, and one of her students cuts her hair.
  3. She has a big white car that she drives to church and to the library. She’s had it for about 4 years now and it has a little over 1000 miles on it.
  4. She calls Sketchers “skeetchers”.
  5. She wears really cute clothes.
  6. She’s the one who taught me to always test the back of earrings before you buy them. You don’t want a crooked post or one that has any bumps on it.
  7. She’s the best grandmother in the whole wide world! She has an A&M door hanger and a sticker on her mirror that says OSU Grandma (Oregon State). She’s so proud of me and my cousin Shawna.

Happy Birthday, Grandma!


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