Ten on Tuesday – Better Late Than Never

“not handcuffed to two guys!”

1. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Hmm… probably something like chocolate ice cream. I feel so plain.
2. What is your earliest memory?
Going out and planting a tree in my backyard with my father. I think I was three or so.  I was wearing pink sweatpants and these little white boots.
3. What is your earliest memory of a dessert?
Hah, this really random one when I was 7 and had mousse for the first time.
4. Do you have any recurring dreams?
Yes. There’s only a few people that know what these dreams entail. I’m too embarrassed to discuss this in further detail.
5. Have you ever dreamed about dessert?
No… I don’t think so.
6. What is one thing (aside from a cell phone or computer) that you cannot go the entire day without?
A pen and paper. I love writing.
7. What is one dessert you could go your entire life without ever having again?
Flan. I think it’s really nasty. It shouldn’t even be considered dessert.
8. If you could go on vacation tomorrow, where would you go? (Assume someone else is footing the bill, but within reason…so “the moon” won’t work)
Hawaii. I’ve always wanted to go, but I’ve never been. I really like tropical places. I’d lay out on the beach all day and go swimming. Ooh, fun. Also, it should be noted that it’s snowing here and so I’m really cold.

9. If you could have any dessert tomorrow, what would you have (assume someone else is buying it for you. Within reason though, no “gold sprinkled ice cream cones.”)

There is actually this dessert that has gold in it. I’d probably have some coffee brownies or some blueberry coffee cake. Yum.
10.  What was your first impression of your significant other? If you’re single, what was your first impression of your best friend?
I have a boyfriend. Does that count as a significant other? I’ll say yes. I thought he was really tall. And he was wearing this blue shirt, so it made me notice how crazy blue his eyes were. They’re pretty. I also thought he was kind of weird. If he doesn’t count, my first impression of Mariah was that she was mean. But I love her now!
11. What is your first impression of dessert pizza? (Personally, I think it’s weird. I love dessert but I don’t want any on my pizza.)
I’m not a huge fan, but I’ll eat it.


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