7 Quick Takes

  1. I have a physics test in like… 2 hours. Am I ready? Not really. Will I go take it anyway? Duh.
  2. It snowed last night!
  3. My boyfriend did actually come visit me last weekend. Crazy. Next weekend is his birthday, so that means I’ll get to see him again.
  4. I’m getting sick. This isn’t good.
  5. I’m going home this weekend and we’re taking a family portrait. We haven’t done that since I was 7, but my grandma’s been on my mom’s case about it for months, so we’re finally doing it.
  6. Yesterday after my micro lab I went to Gander Mountain, and Walmart and Denny’s. It was fun. 30-06 ammo is really long. And I thought 223s were. Nope!
  7. I am really really ridiculously tired this morning!

Well, that’s it for today. Happy Friday, everyone!


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