Rush Hour

So has anyone every noticed how “rush hour” is a bit of a contradiction? I don’t know about you, but it always seems like rushing means getting somewhere quickly. In Houston, rush hour moves pretty slowly. It starts around 4:30 or 5, or on Thursday if it’s Friday, and lasts till around 7.

In College Station, rush hour starts at around 3 (It lasts all day if it’s a game day though) and ends around 9. Of course if it’s the weekend, it doesn’t really let up till 2 or so in the morning when all the bars are closed.

I was having a talk with Mariah today about this. She says all the people are rushing to leave, and that’s the reason why it’s called rush hour. That makes sense so she’s probably right. She usually is.

Today, while it was raining cats and dogs, we got out of biochem lab early. This was a pretty exciting occurance seeing as how I thought we’d have to wait until all 18 cycles of PCR were done. We just had to get it started and then we were free! We went to get gas (my light was on) and then went to Albertson’s to buy cookies for Bible Study tonight. It’ll be a blast. After Bible Study, we usually get to watch the Bachelor and talk about how much we all love Ali and completely dislike Vienna. She’s not a cool person. Why is she still there?! Jake is an idiot.

So, that’s my day. After all that I’ll do some more studying for my molecular genetics test tomorrow and do something I think will be very interesting.

Happy Monday!


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