I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Thursdays are awesome.

Why? Surely not because I have 2 classes and 2 labs and go to school from 9:35-8:50. No. That can’t be it. It can’t be because it’s rainy and cold out, and I need to do laundry so badly that I bought a shirt last night to prevent it. No. That can’t be it either.

So why is it?

Because it’s one day away from Friday – and this week it’s 3 days away from the Super Bowl. I’m pretty exciting. I’m throwing a party so I can have yet another thing to cross off of my list.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I hate physics. And if I don’t leave soon, I’m going to be late for my lab. Truthfully, I’ll probably be late anyway because my t.a. thinks he gets to start whenever he feels like it (early). Doesn’t he know we’re in College Station and classes actually start 5 minutes after they’re supposed to? He must be new.

Well, that’s a look into my Thursday. Tomorrow is 7 Quick Takes. Get excited!


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  1. Ha! I’ve definitely bought clothes in order to avoid laundry 🙂


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