Volleyball Karma

As promised, the blog topic for today is Volleyball Karma.

The Backstory:
It all started when I was playing club volleyball for the first time. It was a 14s team on Club Baja that they had creatively named Baja 142. We called ourselves the Typhoons. It was a clever name given the club, and even more clever considering the waterworks this team produces. My, how they were vicious.

One tournament my coach sat us all down and told us “if you guys don’t stop crying, I’m going to call Midol and get them to sponsor us”. Now, me being a big fan of Midol, I wasn’t opposed to this, but I really wanted my teammates to stop crying all. the. time. Sheesh!

Well,  you know how sometimes Refs make really bad calls? The kind of calls where you wonder if they are wearing a current contact perscription? This happened to us a lot. Why? Because our coach was not a nice woman. She yelled and got in other coaches faces all the time. I don’t think a single game went by where she wasn’t screaming at the other coaches or the refs. Why’s it a bad idea to scream at the other coaches? Because they become your refs later on in the tournament. Yay club volleyball. This one tournament she actually got yellow carded.

So, when the ref makes a really bad call on your team, volleyball karma is when the favor is returned to the other team. Or when you beam the ref in the head with your serve because your coach tells you to. Really. She told me to. Of course I didn’t do it! Did I want to? I was only 13…

And there, ladies and gentlemen, is volleyball karma.

Happy Wednesday!


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