Ten on Tuesday (6)

Hey guys, I have been a TERRIBLE blogger, haven’t I? As this semester is starting to take off, I’m realizing that I’m going to have very little time to devote to this blog, but that Tuesdays and Fridays I should be able to get one posted. So…. how about those questions? (P.S. I’m jamming to the Glee Soundtrack. It’s awesome!)

1. What is your favorite travel destination spot?
Probably Panama City Beach, FL. I LOVE it!
2. Cats vs. Dogs.
Dogs. Definitely dogs. There’s no question there. Dogs are loyal, and they love having their bellies scratched. They’ll comfort you on a bad day and follow you around in case you drop food.
3. Do you believe in fate?
Well, I believe that everything happens for a reason. God is in control of EVERYTHING. So in a way, kind of.
4. Do you believe in karma?
I believe in Volleyball Karma. Blog topic for tomorrow, hopefully.

5. Everyone has a unique laugh. Do you like yours?

My laugh makes other people laugh. I like to laugh a lot, and I have several different ones. The funniest is my hehehe laugh when something is REALLY funny.
6. Is love really all you need?
Not in this world, sadly.

7. What’s your take on the whole 2012 scare?

I think it’s stupid. The Mayan calendar doesn’t even end in 2012. It just resets itself to the beginning.

8. If you won a million dollars and had to give it all away, who would you give it to? (Family and friends not included.)

I would probably donate it to a bunch of different charities.

9. Do you believe in God/religion/the power of prayer?

Of course I do.

10. What New Year’s Resolution do you always make but never keep?

The soda thing. Yikes. I broke that within the first second.

Time for microlab! Visit more Ten on Tuesday-ers over at Chelsea’s blog! (link on the right)


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  1. I heart the glee soundtrack 🙂


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