7 Quick Takes or… MLIA (My Life is Awesome)

  1. So this winter break I was introduced to My Life if Average. It’s a pretty awesome website. Kind of like FML only way funnier and people don’t actually want to “F” their lives there. I think that my life can be pretty average sometimes, but other times it is much much more awesome. Like for instance my current boy drama. I will not get started on that, it deserves it’s own separate post, but let’s just say that boys do stupid things that drive me crazy.
  2. I tried to get Mariah to guest post but she refused. I think that’s pretty mean of her considering she is depriving the blogging world already of her awesome humor and wit and charm (this is me trying to convince her publicly. It won’t work).
  3. I skipped 2 of my classes on Wednesday. I know, that’s so bad of me. But my time is much better served for those particular classes just reading the book and not going to class. Trust me.
  4. My mother mailed me my glasses, but they are not here yet. I’m pretty excited to get them, and I might even post a picture of them when they get here. They’re awesome.
  5. It rained last night. A lot. I’m pretty sure the sky is out of water.
  6. In 3 weeks I’m going to visit my very best friend for the weekend. While, I’m happy about this, I’d be a lot happier if it were today. I miss him.
  7. Volleyball is starting back up in February and my schedule is going to be crazy-packed. I’m already doing something every week night! Monday- girl’s bible study, Tuesday- micro lab, Wednesday- RUF, Thursday – mircro lab, Friday – fun night. Sigh. I’m a busy, busy girl.

So see? Awesome life. I wish Mariah would blog about her’s! *cough*obvious, much?*cough*


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