School is Eating My Life

I am so completely appalled with myself for not blogging any day but Tuesday. Of course, I had my week’s blogging ALL planned out, but it just didn’t get done. Thursday was supposed to be me complaining about Micro lab being so late that it’s during Bones, and Grey’s, and by the time I get back, half of Private Practice is over. Sigh.

Instead of that, I had a lovely 2+ hour conversation on the phone with my best friend in Beaumont. I told him I was all alone in the dark waiting for a bus. That was mostly true. There was only one more person and he was smoking and creeping me out whilst giving me a headache. It’s a tradeup for me to exclude him.

Friday I went to Roadhouse with Mariah and Scott. The wait was “15/25 minutes”. That translated into 55. I expected an hour, but you don’t tell someone 15/25 and really mean 55. That’s just mean and it gets their hopes up. Scott complained to the manager and got half of his meal price off. Did Mariah or I? No. Lame.

Dear Roadhouse,

You suck.



Then I came home and watched who knows what whilst texting and trying not to think about the fact that I have nothing to do today. I woke up at 10 because my alarm clock was still set from yesterday. Does anyone remember when I set my alarm for last semester? 6:30! Isn’t this semester going to be glorious? Yes.

There’s a very cute guy that sits across from me in micro lab. We have to put in a key code to get into the building (because it’s so obscenely late that even the door thinks we shouldn’t be there). Anyway, I got the order of the 8 and 6 wrong so I was having some major issues so my micro hero came and opened the door for me with his masculine memory of the correct order of the numbers. I may or may not have called him my micro hero to his face and he may or may not have laughed at me.

Yesterday I was supposed to do 7 Quick Takes, so I’ll just do them here.

  1. I love my classes, and I like the schedule of them so far. Micro is a little late for my taste though.
  2. They had a Bioethics Officer’s meeting Thursday at 7 and decided the meetings should be Thursday at 6. I think that’s lame because now I don’t get to go. It’s during my physics lab.
  3. I paid just as much for my meal at Roadhouse as Mariah did, and I got an appetizer.
  4. Iced tea is amazing and I’ve been guzzling it down like there’s no tomorrow.
  5. I have a twitter account! Follow me: jhubbe11
  6. I really want an iTunes gift card so I can buy me some amazing music.
  7. I realy hope that I have a male physics t.a. so that I can get some testosterone in my life. Do female physics t.a.’s even exist? I bet if they do I have one. Sigh.

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