Haircuts have always been nerve-wracking to me since I decided to try a “bob” style back in the sixth grade. There are very few pictures from this incident, but unfortunately one of them is in the yearbook.

My number 49 for the 101 in 1001 was to try a new hair style, and that’s exactly what I did. As with anything that happens, there’s a story that goes along with this.

As I mentioned, getting a haircut is a nerve-wracking experience so naturally, I only trust my hair with people I know. There’s two people who I trust. This lady at TGF who I used to sell french fries and fried chicken to at lunch when I was working at the Randalls deli and Tina from Tina’s hair.

We got to TGF around 5 and my lady was not there. Needless to say, I was disapointed. I couldn’t possibly get my hair cut by someone who I didn’t know, so we got back in the car. As we were driving down the road to Tina’s my dad insisted we stop into this other place. I said ok, and we stopped. We walked in and the lady said “hi, can I help you with something?” I told myself to be nice. “I’d like to get a haircut”, I told her. “Oh. I’m sorry hun, but we’re closed!” I told myself to be nice again. “Ok.” And I walked out. Not only was the door UNLOCKED, but her hours were NOT POSTED on the door like EVERY BUSINESS IN HOUSTON. Whatever. At this point I really just wanted to give up and go work out. But my father was like “no. You’re going to get your haircut tonight”. And so we finally got to Tina’s. As I walked in the door, I was instantly at ease. This place was familiar. I could see Tina cutting some woman’s hair and there was only one more guy in front of me. I was happy. I got to sit and read about the Bonfire while my dad sat in the car to stay warm (it’s always cold in Tina’s).

And with that, #49 is crossed off of my list.

Happy Thursday!


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