Spring has Sprung!

At least it has for most students.

In approximately one week I will be sitting in my Physics 202 class, hopefully not bored to tears. (At this point, I’m highly amused that WordPress has chosen to underline “bored to tears” because it’s a cliche. You know what WordPress? I like cliches and I’m going to use it!) Back on topic, for the first time ever I have all female professors. Where in the first 5 semesters of my college semester I’ve had a grand total of 4, and one of those I only had for half the semester, I will double that number with an additional 4 female professors.

I am ridiculously excited about Micro. I don’t really know why, since my lab is from 7-8:50 (at night), but I think it will at least be interesting enough to keep me awake. The unfortunate part about that is that means I can’t work as a ref this semester since RUF is on Wednesday nights, and only my Mondays and Sundays are open.

I’m seeing a lot of estrogen in my future. Here’s hoping for some male t.a.’s. I need some diversity!


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