Treadmills are perfect for people like me. With one exception. I’ll get to that exception in a bit.

Treadmills are good because I need motivation. My motivation when on a treadmill? Trying not to fall off of it and into the desk conveniently placed behind it. That would hurt. And seriously, I have enough bruises from volleyball to last at least another week or so. It keeps me moving for 30 minutes straight whether it’s walking, running, or a combination of both. 4.5 mph is an awkward pace that’s like a walk/jog pace. It drives me crazy, but I jog it anyways. 4.0 is like powerwalking pace. I’m glad I took that class.

So the exception? Whenever I get off of it to walk somewhere else in the house or gym I feel like I’m walking super fast. Like when you’re walking on the moving sidewalks in the airport. It’s trippy.

Today we’re going to Galveston. I’m sure there will be an update on that tomorrow or Monday. It’s going to be COLD this weekend.


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