Ok, so my church doesn’t exactly do Epiphany but that’s what today is. You know what else it is? (Hint: you totally should if you read my blog yesterday) It’s my grandpa’s 80th birthday!

So today I’m going to share some of my favorite memories/fun facts of/about my grandpa.

  1. He used to be in the airforce and was a minister when he retired.
  2. From the time I entered fifth grade until second semester of my freshman year of high school, my grandpa would pick me up from school. When we got to his house he’d make us both a chocolate milkshake or a rootbeer float. It’s really quite a wonder I was never overweight. He has one of those Kitchen Aid blenders that looks kind of like this. Those were the best.
  3. When I was really little he’d take me to the park in our neighborhood and we’d have picnics and chocolate teddy grahams for dessert.
  4. We used to sit in his old chair and he’d read me Amelia Bedelia. Those books would leave us in stitches.
  5. When I was 2 he gave me my very first keyboard. It was the tiny kind that only had a couple of octaves, but you could record yourself on it.
  6. He teaches ESL at the library.
  7. A few years ago he made me teach him how to text and now he texts his friends and students.
  8. He’s still so in love with my grandma.
  9. When I got my second peircing in my ears he asked when I was going to get the third one.
  10. He’s not afraid to drink out of water fountains that look like toilets.


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