New Years and Resolutions

2010 is starting of GREAT! We had our party like we do every year (with 2 engaged couples in attendance… that was new) and it was a lot of fun.

One thing I’ve noticed is that drunk people bond. Last year two people (who will remain nameless) became bffs a few minutes after meeting each other. Something that I noticed this year is that the sober people also bond.

So story time. One of my resolutions was to give up sodas. That meant that once the clock struck midnight no more Dr Pepper, Coke, Cherry Coke, Root Beer or Sprite could pass my lips. When we turned on the tv at 11:58 to watch the ball drop, they started pouring the champagne. A few of us were like “quick the Sprite!”, we ran (walked quickly… 3 inch heels) to the kitchen, put together the glasses, and poured ourselves a Sprite so we could celebrate with the rest of them. Then the countdown started. 10…(there was much confusion at this point, but we eventually got down to) 3…2…1…Happy New Year! *drinks soda* Then a few seconds later I realized it. “Oh no!” I cried, 1 second into the New Year I had broken my resolution. I. Am. Awesome.

Well, I less than promised but close enough to promised these resolutions so here they are!

  • So there’s this boy… I’m going to try not to let it become a thing.
  • Make good grades to bring my GPR up to where it should be.
  • Order my Aggie Ring (this should be an easy one)
  • Find a lab to work in
  • Work on getting my teaching certificate
  • Look at grad schools
  • Lose 10 more pounds (more like a dream than an actual goal)
  • Hang out more with my friends
  • Keep in touch better with my friends at home
  • Play sand volleyball in the spring and indoor in the fall

Well, that’s it for now. I think it’s a pretty decent-sized list that should keep me busy. Here’s to the rest of 2010!


One response to this post.

  1. “So there’s this boy… I’m going to try not to let it become a thing” – I love that!!

    Losing 10 pounds isn’t a dream, girl! Give yourself more credit. If you tell yourself that it’s a goal, you’ll accomplish it.


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