Why She’s My Best Friend

I have 2 reasons in particular:

1.) Monday I went shopping with Mariah. I randomly say “sidebar”. She’s like “what is that?”, so I tell her what I sidebar is.

Sidebar: when you have to tell someone something to the side because you don’t want anyone else to hear.

Today I was talking to her on facebook.

Mariah: sidebar: we need to find a way to shorten facebook chating it is way to long
Me: shorten? like the phrase? [insert random chatting/complaining about boys (I use the word ineffective)]
Mariah: you know what’s ineffective?
Me: telling you?
Mariah: having this conversation over facha

So, ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to the word “facha”.

Facha: facebook chatting

2.) Because I know she’ll forgive me for blogging about her.

2010 is sooooo close!


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