Red Light

I don’t know if I’ve talked about this song before, but here it is:

It’s my favorite song by David Nail. That might be because I can’t think of another one of his songs right now.

Anyway, I heard it tonight while I was on my way home. The song kind of loses it’s “oomph” when it’s played on a Wednesday night in which it’s been raining/foggy all day, but whatever. I love it.

They were talking to this guy who was STILL IN A RELATIONSHIP with a girl that had cheated on him. His parents and friends are all trying to get him to leave her. The radio dj called her a “soul sucker”,  he agreed and then told the dj he didn’t want her anymore but that he felt sorry for her so he was staying.

Um, excuse me, what? How does that make sense???

And so it was tonight I realized that I’m ok not being in a soul-sucking relationship, that I’m going to try and listen to my friends when they tell me a guy’s no good, and just be patient.

So, that’s my resolution numero uno. Stay tuned for more.


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