My September 14, 2006

I’m fairly certain that none of these events actually occurred, or that only the location of the events are accurate.

Today after school I went to Taco Bell with Amy. She tried a Mexican Pizza for the first time. Then she started dancing around Taco Bell like a dancing Chihuahua. It was really pretty cool. She scared an old man though because she tried to kiss his forehead. At first it seemed like he did not mind. After she kissed him, he gave her a dollar and we went to Snowie’s and bought a snow cone. Amy got fuzzy navel and I got Bahama Mama. Then we mixed them together and put a little bit in a bowl for this squirrel we found. We named him Bob. After Bob drank his snow cone he ran off and went to go find some nuts. He was running across Scarsdale when a big pickup truck ran over him. It was really sad. We had a funeral for him and then buried him in a book we found outside of the library. Oh yeah, and I didn’t have speech because a motivational speaker came to our school. How ironic. Whoa.

The only thing I corrected was spelling errors. Obviously, I was not a fan of the coma in high school. Or stories that made sense.


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