A Slow Trudge Down Memory Lane

As I was coming home from hanging out with a friend yesterday, I drove past a McDonald’s. That’s not exactly an unlikely occurence considering there’s approximately 8 billion in this city (sadly, I don’t know if I’m exaggerating). I was sitting in traffic, so I did what I always do. I start thinking about that past.

Know where this is leading?

In my sixth grade journalism class, we had to design ads. I either picked or was chosen to make an ad for McDonald’s. After designing or ad, we had to call them to see if they were interested in either using it, or using one of their own in our yearbook.


In the sixth grade I was 10. What manager would agree to buy an ad from a 10 year old? Not the manager from McDonald’s.

Now, I’m not sure if she got the high schoolers to follow up on these calls or what. I just remember being terrified to talk to the lady (or man) and wondering if my ad would be good enough.

So thank you McDonald’s, you crushed a 10-year-old’s dream (not really) to one day work for a famous ad agency.


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