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This post could also be titled “… or Why This Song Doesn’t Apply to Me”

You’ve heard Fifteen by Taylor Swift, right? Well if you haven’t it’s right here:

Now see, it’s a good song. I like it, but I can’t exactly relate to it.

When I was 15, I was a junior in high school. I’d already been told “I love you”, and I didn’t believe them. I knew I wanted to go to Texas A&M, and I even knew what I wanted to major in. I was smart at 15. I knew what I wanted. I mean, it’s what I’m still doing, but that’s when I was figuring it all out. I was never even interested in dating a boy on the football team. There was that boy in the band though, then that boy on the basketball team. Yet I feel like I knew they weren’t the ones. I probably didn’t.

I got stressed out for the very first time my junior year. It was second semester and I was studying for my physics final. I needed an 89 for an A in that class. I had never gotten an A on a physics test second semester. It was when things were getting less mathematical and more theoretical. I didn’t appreciate that. You know what I ended up getting on that final? An 89. I’ve been stressing over finals ever since.

Here I am almost 4 years later, about to embark on my second round of college physics after a much needed 5 week break, trying to figure out what I really want to do in life.

Oh, to  be 15 again.


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