Why Thursdays are Awesome

Alright, so my goal of being bored is on its way to being reached. I’m rather excited about this.

Anyways, why are Thursdays so awesome? Because it means Fridays are near. And because I can watch Wife Swap where one wife is making the other husband wear hooker boots. I don’t get to do that on a Wednesday.

Last night, I did the most amazing thing I’ve ever done: I filled out my ring audit. For those of you who aren’t Aggies, it’s the equivalent of… I don’t really know. But the ring is important. There’s even a dance to celebrate it (and our times at A&M, but really, it’s the bling). This dance is like… prom on steroids. It could actually be very similar to prom at a large school, but we’re talking about a dance taking up the entirety that is the MSC (or the Hilton, now).

 This is where I’d include a picture from last year’s ring dance, but my computer isn’t willing to work with my attempts at technical advances right now. That, and there are really no good pictures of all of us at ring dance. The only rooms that we took pictures in were New Orleans and whatever city the country one was, and those are really blurry.

So that’s the excitement awaiting me in April. I’ll try for something more current tomorrow. It is 7 quick takes, after all.


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