Ten on Tuesday (3)

1. If you could change anything about your physical appearance, what would it be?
I’d want my hair to not be so ridiculous

2. Is there a habit in others that you find annoying?
I guess. I don’t like when people talk in class, but I don’t know if I’d call that a habit. I also don’t like when people try to text and walk around campus at the same time, because they walk really slowly and not in straight lines. Also, it drives me crazy when people talk on their cell phones on the bus REALLY LOUDLY. I don’t need to hear where you’re living next year, what you did on Northgate this weekend, or what you think of you chem lab partner.

3. What is your favorite recipe using ground beef?
I don’t really use ground beef when I cook. Most of the time I just use ground turkey.
http://cooking.consumerhelpweb.com/comfortfoods/bisquick-sausage-balls.htm Those things are amazing, but they use sausage. Really, what’s the difference? (That’s a serious question)

4. What was your favorite book as a kid?
As a really little kid I was obsessed with all things Winnie the Pooh. When we started going to the library as a class, I started reading Hank the Cowdog and thought those books were the best thing since sliced bread. I actually don’t really like sliced bread, so I guess that’s not saying much. Anyways, the books with the best pictures were definitely Eric Carle ones. You know…  The Very Hungry Caterpillar… Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

5. Did you work as a teenager and if so, where?
I’m technically still a teenager, but I see the next question so I’ll answer specifically high school. I worked at Target senior year of high school and for the YMCA the summer after I graduated. Both were really stressful jobs, but they were kind of fun too.

6.  Did you work while in college and if so, where?
The summer after freshman year I worked for Randall’s which was pretty much awesome. People are usually quite happy and relaxed when they’re grocery shopping. You form bonds with people when you slice their deli meats and cheeses. This lady tried to fix me up with her son once. He was 30, so I said no thank you. The post office people always used to come in for lunch. Seriously, Randall’s has the BEST fried chicken and some pretty tasty sandwiches. If you like Bleu cheese, I would also reccommend the Red, White, and Bleu potatoe salad. That might just be a summer thing though. Anyways, I worked as a volleyball official this semester which was fun most of the time. Sometimes it was really boring (like when we had to line judge or we had a forfeit). I’ll start working in a lab sooner or later. That’ll be fun.

7. When you go to sleep do you like  total darkness or semi? When you go to sleep do you need quiet or is some noise ok?
It needs to be completely dark otherwise I don’t consider it sleeping. I used to sleep with a fan on (well… still do), but we’re trying to cut down on our electricity bill so our heater has been off. It’s plenty cold now. And the fan was drying out my throat when I got sick.

8. When doing laundry, fabric softener or not?
I put in the sheet when I put my clothes in the dryer. 2 if it’s a big load. I’m a fan of Bounce. I’m always afraid I’d mess up with the liquid stuff.

9. Open toed or closed toed shoes?
Well, I love flip flops, but my dad claims that those aren’t actually shoes, so I guess closed toed. Converse. And heels. I love heels.

10. Would you rather be blind or deaf?
Ugh, I would not rather be either. I am extreemly happy that God has blessed me with both my hearing and my sight. I seriously can’t pick.

11. Dangle or stud earrings?
Dangle, but I usually don’t wear earrings. I’m just too lazy to put them on.

12. Bottled water or tap?
Tap, but run through a PUR filter.

13. What do you put on pancakes?
Syrup! Preferably hot and maple, but IHOP has many lovely choices like buttered pecan which is absolutely delicious.

14. On a long trip would you rather drive or fly?
Fly, for sure. I just really like flying. It’s much faster and for long flights you get to watch a movie or sleep. I always get Cranapple juice. It’s tasty stuff.

15. Do you prefer classic old movies or new?
I don’t know if I have an actual preference here. I enjoy both. My favorite old movies are The Shop Around the Corner (it’s the “original” You’ve Got Mail), and The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer. That one is ridiculously funny. Newer movies are nice too, though. Especially The Blindside! If you haven’t seen it, you really should!


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  1. I don’t eat tubed meat. And one time I tried to brown sausage and it smelled so awful I dry heaved. True story.


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