All in a Days Work

As a college student, I’ve been told several times that school is my job. While I mostly agree with that statement, my bank account isn’t a fan.  Neither are my weekends.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know in the real world sometimes people have to work on the weekends. Any job I’ve ever had made me work on the weekend. I don’t exactly see any of those jobs as careers though. My biggest complaint is that I work EVERY weekend and I don’t get paid for it. Yet? Let’s work on that.

It’s tough being a student.

I remember reading my high school yearbook (or newspaper, I really don’t remember which), and seeing that one of my teachers (if she should be anything else) would be a perpetual student. Why? I can’t fathom this idea. While college is great, the massive week of finals is less than stellar. Why would anyone want to be graded for eternity?

I’m officially 5/8 of the way done with my college career degree plan in 5 days. Then I get 5 weeks off! Yessssss.


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