Busy Always Turns into Busier

My usual Thursday entails two classes and a meeting. This Thursday only contained one class (a test) and my usual meeting (or so I thought). After much registration nonsense I decided that I needed to go talk to the Biology department. I filled out a wait list form on Wednesday and made a meeting with one of the Biology advisors (she was my Genetics advisor freshman year). Still, I didn’t have to go to one of my classes. Today was going to be a relaxing day. I was going to do nothing else besides take my test and go to my meetings. Well, that changed. My dad came up and dropped off my coat (it might snow tomorrow), gave me some money (I won’t complain about that), and went on his way. None of this was particularly time consuming but I still am going to work out and play volleyball tonight.

I caught up on 3 of my shows and will probably be missing my shows tonight. Really, that’s no surprise. I think there’s a basketball game tomorrow night. I kinda want to go to that, but we’ll see.

My favorite thing ever is bouncing around campus (not really). I do like walking around campus though I wish I had worn better shoes today. I need dinner ideas. I also need to go grocery shopping desperately. And fix my schedule. Yikes. I’m on that.

I think I’m going to do 7 Quick takes on Friday. I think that’s what it’s called.


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