The Real Thanksgiving

Today is the real Thanksgiving. By real I mean the “nationally celebrated” Thanksgiving. I don’t mean the day that I get to ingest a billion calories, take a walk with my mom, and watch football with my dad. That’s tomorrow. The ingesting lots of calories also took place yesterday night. By night I really mean night. I think we started eating around 8. I missed Yell. I’ve been getting to miss a lot of things I was looking forward to. Oh well. That’s apparently life.

I would like to take the time to tell you that it is a GORGEOUS day in College Station and that I am fully enjoying it, minus the billion calories. I went on a run and had a Lean Cuisine. I’m thinking that means I’ve not had enough calories today. I think that also means I should make up for it tomorrow.

Finals week is coming up, and I need to get a SUPER HIGH grade on my Biochem final. SUPER HIGH. I’m talking like a 100, here. Maybe even a 150. (That’s possible, it’s out of 150.)

I’m going to Hastings I think. I also need to put on some actual clothes, because right now, I’m slumming around in basketball shorts and a warm up shirt from South Shore. I would very much like some coffee right about now.

Happy Thanksgiving! BTHO t.u. A-WHOOP!


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