So, as you all (should) know, tomorrow is Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving has been my favorite holiday ever since I’d been able to know what the words “favorite” and “holiday” meant. What little kid doesn’t like Thanksgiving? What American doesn’t like eating?

This year, ESPN is broadcasting The Lone Star Showdown, which basically means that the game tomorrow is going to be 4 hours. Apparently they thought it should be primetime TV so however many years ago they scheduled this, they decided 7 was an awesome time. I disagree. This means that if I’m going to be a Redass Ag (which I am) that I can’t go home and enjoy Thanksgiving with my family ON THURSDAY without missing Yell, Bonfire, or E-walk without dealing with some serious traffic issues.

I went to E-walk yesterday. It was awesome! My class is huge, and so is my campus. I love it here. I love being an Aggie. I love being a part of the class of 2011! A-WHOOP!

Bonfire was last night, but we found out in the midst of traffic that alas, we could not go. Bonfire site had been closed. I really wish it could come back. It’s an A&M tradition, but I respect the families that lost loved ones. I am still of the opinion that Bonfire should be brought back. Done by students. It can still be safe. *Off my soapbox*

Back to talking about Thanksgiving! The Sunday before last we had a Thanksgiving dinner at the church here. It was AMAZING. TONS of food and they let us take some home.
Tonight we’re doing a dinner. There’s going to be about 9 of us. Maybe more. It’s going to be awesome, I’m thinking.
Friday will be dinner at home with my familia. So that’s THREE meals! Awesome!

Thursday’s the game, then Saturday I get to hang out with Mary Kate. Exciting times? Yes! Can I wait? Barely!

Here’s my list of things I’ve compiled over the past few days that I am thankful for:

  1. Jesus
  2. Google
  3. coffee
  4. Wikipedia
  5. good erasers
  6. Tuesday and Thursdays
  7. Weekends with friends
  8. Summer and Winter BREAKS
  9. my family
  10. making passing grades
  11. movies
  12. days where lab is cancelled
  13. my friends
  14. being a Fightin’ Texas Aggie! A-WHOOP!
  15. having a job this semester

There’s more, I’m sure, but that’s what we’ll go with now. Life is awesome!


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