Howdy y’all!

Today I am sick. I think it started Friday night, because when I woke up on Saturday, my voice was practically gone. Forgive me for this post being so incoherent.

Let me tell you about my super awesome weekend! But first, back history is needed.

Sophomore year was so much fun! I was coming off of a summer of working in a grocery store deli, laying out, listening to music, watching movies, and generally having a blast with my friends that I hadn’t seen much freshman year of college.

Important key players:

Troy- friend from high school, married to Jessica who also went to my high school
Jessica- friend from high school, married to Troy
Peter-friend of Troy
Lucy- friend of Troy
Nigel- friend of Troy
Daniel- friend of Troy
Kristen- friend of Jessica (currently engaged to Dominic)
Dominic- friend of Kristen (currently engaged to Kristen)

That summer, Troy and Jessica got married. August 2, 2008. The list of people above are who I hung out with. I’m pretty sure that without Troy, I wouldn’t have nearly as many friends. So anyway, this was the “group” plus Mariah who is also in the group, but I still live with her, so she’s not history. All of the above minus Nigel graduated last year.

This weekend Daniel and Peter came back! It felt so much like the old times cause Saturday night we all hung out and played rockband. The whole day kinda rocked. No pun intended. We had a tailgate and the old RUF intern was there. I miss Katy, but I love Callie, no lie. The football game was hilarious! We won 38-3. Baylor kept getting it in the redzone, but couldn’t make a touchdown. I won’t complain. We’re bowl eligible now! I hope we give UT a run for their money on Thursday!!

There’s more, I’m sure, but I figured I’d get this thing posted and we’ll see about organization sometime after this semester is over. =]


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