For Starters


Blogging is something that I’ve done on and off for about 7 years, give or take a semester or too. I’m honestly not too sure how this is going to go since I haven’t been able to keep up with a single blog. My reason for this? Change. My life is constantly changing. I am constantly changing. Sometimes I’m okay with that, but other times I wish things could stay the same. I’m going to compare that to Grey’s this past week when Mer is talking about the 5 seconds where everything was “perfect”. I’ve had those moments. There was beating St. Agnes in volleyball my senior year of high school on their home court. There was finding out I’d been accepted into Texas A&M. Most recently, there was the moment I was baptized. That is a HUGE life change. I have constantly been growing since the day that I was born, but college and being baptized has spurred a lot of growth these past few years. Yes, I’m still me, but there are significant differences. Particularly the one where I think I know more, but in reality I know less… and I realize I know less. That’s pretty scary.

Quite an introduction, right? I suppose I could have told you, my reader(s), everything about me in the first couple of sentences. I’m really just not that crazy about posting details. I don’t know who will read this or have access to it, and the internet can be a dangerous place. Do I want to blog? Yes. So what this means is preparation on my part. And seeing as how I am a college student, I’ll be posting rather infrequently, but I hope to keep up a semi-constant stream.

There will be no edits, so there will be several typos, and possibly things I wish I hadn’t said. This is my Road to Anywhere.


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