101 in 1001

Started on: January 10, 2010
To be completed by: October 7, 2012

  1. Cook 1 meal for friends a month for a year (2/12)
  2. Raise my GPR to above a 3.0
  3. Make a new friend
  4. Go to an Aggies Baseball game
  5. Go see the Cowboys play
  6. Go to a women’s soccer game
  7. Find a new shampoo (John Freida’s Brilliant Brunette)
  8. Get a job (career)
  9. Apply to at least 3 grad schools
  10. take and do well on the GRE
  11. Graduate May 2011
  12. Find a lab to work in
  13. Lose 10 pounds (be under 140)
  14. Go to bed before midnight every night for a month
  15. Go to an A&M football game post-grad
  16. Get a Biochem minor or Genetics
  17. Get a Master’s of Education (unless I get a job)
  18. Take a fun elective
  19. Take a volleyball Kinesiology class
  20. Read the Scarlet Pimpernel
  21. Finish the Zahn series I started (3/4)
  22. Go see Leap Year
  23. Have a Super Bowl party
  24. Drink more water
  25. Eat at a new restaurant(Carraba’s yes, I’ve never been there before)
  26. Sign up to do a Scripture Reading
  27. Do my taxes before April (2/3)
  28. Write Nanny once a month for a year
  29. Write Grandma and Grandpa once a month for a year
  30. Send out 5 cards just for fun (0/5)
  31. Watch an Aggie vs Longhorns volleyball game
  32. Buy a cute pair of boots
  33. Go see Edge of Darkness
  34. Go to an Astros game
  35. Go to an A&M vs. Texas football game
  36. Paint a picture
  37. Make overalls
  38. Crochet a blanket
  39. Participate in NaNoWriMo
  40. Build something
  41. Try a new recipe (Parmesan chips and Ravioli)
  42. Learn basic car maintainance
  43. Make a fleece blanket
  44. Drink a pretty drink from Chili’s
  45. Drink a margarita from Red Lobster
  46. Go to Illinois
  47. Go to Michigan
  48. Go to Alaska
  49. Try a new hairstyle
  50. Have an IM volleyball team again (RUF Autobots)
  51. Learn a new song on guitar
  52. Eat a new entree
  53. Don’t argue with my mother for a week
  54. Think before I contradict
  55. Decide Antiqued vs. Natural (Natural!)
  56. Talk to mom every day for a month
  57. Talk to dad every day for a month
  58. Work out 3 times a week for a semester
  59. Take a calcium supplement every day
  60. Pray every day
  61. Fill out a March Madness bracket
  62. Find a hat that looks good on me
  63. Run a 5K
  64. Run a marathon
  65. Jump off a high platform at the natatorium
  66. Fix mom a mother’s day brunch
  67. Fix dad a father’s day brunch
  68. Go to the Rodeo
  69. Go rockclimbing
  70. Go paintballing
  71. Watch season 5 of How I Met Your Mother
  72. Decorate post-grad place
  73. Buy another pair of heels
  74. Go to Ring Dance
  75. Visit A&M when MSC is completed
  76. Help with another HSBC
  77. Join another club
  78. Go shooting
  79. Try Taco Doritos
  80. Visit another church area
  81. Bake and decorate a cake
  82. Do Elephant Walk
  83. Have a Ring Dunk
  84. Go see Extraordinary Measures
  85. Listen to Alison’s songs
  86. Keep a planner
  87. Get a tan
  88. Buy a cd without listening to the songs first
  89. Go to California to visit family
  90. Get a really good camera
  91. Give up Facebook for a week
  92. Go to a Rockets game
  93. Call a friend
  94. Get a mani/pedi
  95. Donate something to Goodwill
  96. Give Dr. Straight a piece of chocolate
  97. do 1001 pushups (33/1001)
  98. watch the second season of Glee
  99. Go see Up in the Air
  100. Post a blog every weekday for a month
  101. Do another 101 in 1001 after this one is completed

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